November 15th, 2008: Lunch and dinner



Hi guys! I’m quick knocking this post out because I want to play a little more Gears before stopping and watching the Pens tonight. :D For lunch I made us some chicken noodle soup. Scott loved it but I was only luke warm on it. It was missing something and I couldn’t put my finger on it which drove me bonkers. We have leftovers that I will save for his lunches this week.

After lunch, I watched two shows on Food TV while I was waiting for Scott to get dressed. It was so nice to finally see new shows, and for Thanksgiving! Food TV the past two years or so has been really lame with their holiday shows. They weren’t showing anything new, just clips from old shows put together to form “new specials.” Please. Who were they trying to kid?

Once Scott was ready we played Gears and you can expect that to be a theme for this weekend. Although we do have some work that needs to get done tomorrow so we probably won’t get to play as much. But we’ll play. ;)

And then it started snowing!! It had been raining all day and got super windy out. I mentioned to Scott that I figured the temp was dropping and a cold front was moving in since it was so windy. And then the rain turned to snow! Nothing stuck because the ground was too wet but it was still nice to see snow. Then it changed back to rain, boo.

We played that until I started getting hungry. I decided to just make a super quick dinner and have a nice snack later instead of snacking first and then having dinner. :p



For dinner I heated up a Kashi garlic and roasted chicken pizza. It was good although a touch bland, not really very garlicky. I had three pieces. On the side we had some moz sticks (I had one), some garlic chicken sausage, carrots, celery, and cucumber with hummus. I had a bit of everything. I was impressed with the sausage, it was really yummy!!

Now I’m off to pour a glass of wine and hang some more. I stayed in my jammies all day so I’m good to go! See you guys tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “November 15th, 2008: Lunch and dinner

  1. Oh yeah! Now that’s my kinda noshing for sure! What do you put in the soup? It looks delicious!

    I wore street clothes for about an hour today (an hour too long).

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