FF: Racing Greyhounds Glasses

My set

My set

Whenever I would go and visit Grandma R, at some point I would need a drink. There were two choices of glasses for me: I could either use a plastic, awesomely avocado green 1970s cup (complete with silver stars!) or I could drink out of the greyhound glasses. I usually went greyhound.

To my kid self these were just regular glasses which happened to have greyhounds on them. We had nothing like this at my house and when you’re a kid, if it’s different it’s cool. I knew where the glasses were and could get my own drink. In fact I can still see them sitting in the cabinet over the coffee pot waiting to be used.

For all I know, my grandma could have had other glasses but I never used them. Even as I got older, I always went for the greyhound glasses. Unless I was feeling spunky and then it was avocado green and silver stars all the way.

New purpose

New purpose

Daily Eats readers will recognize these glasses because I use one almost every day. After every run I have a glass of chocolate Silk. Always, no matter what. These are my running glasses. They are used for nothing else and by no one else. It’s fitting because I am running, racing against myself, racing towards multiple goals. These glasses with the racing greyhounds and flapping flags remind me what it is that I’m running for. Remind me of where I come from. Remind me of my grandma’s house and getting my own drink.

I only have two glasses, black and orange because that was all my grandma had. I alternate between them, one week is black and the next is orange. My mom thinks these might have been jelly jars that you could use as drinking glasses. Scott did some further digging and they seem to be PB glasses from the 1950s and are not an easy thing to find. I’ve always assumed they were an obscure item because other than these two I haven’t seen them anywhere else.

My search on the internets has resulted in an Ebay page selling a complete set of these. I had no idea there was a complete set! And I got a little teary eyed seeing the entire set because how lovely would it be to have a whole set? A whole set of running glasses just for me to use after my runs. That would be awesome.

8 thoughts on “FF: Racing Greyhounds Glasses

  1. How neat! My mom always comes up with something from her childhood when we hit vintage shops or antique stores (she’s not even that old!). We haven’t done that in a while; thanks for the reminder.

  2. It’s amazing what you can find on Ebay — I hope you win the set :) The glasses that I vaguely remember as a kid are ones from McDonalds (I think they were actually plastic). We moved around so much and with my parents’ divorce, a lot of stuff from my childhood just disappeared.

  3. Those are great childhood reminders! My grandpa dipped snuff; his Garretts Snuff came in glasses, she had a whole cabinet full of them just the right size for our milk and graham cracker snacks.

  4. Cathy V. says:

    Hi, Andrea.

    I enjoyed reading your story about the Greyhound drinking glasses. I wanted to let you know that I have a full set of them (set of 8): that I would be willing to sell.

    If you are interested, please feel free to contact me.

    Blessings in the New Year!
    Cathy V.

  5. connie lilley says:

    Do you by any chance still have the set of greyhound jelly jar glasses? i have rescued race track greyhound for 16 years and would love to buy a set. Thank you-

  6. connie lilley says:

    Do you by any chance still have the set of greyhound jelly jar glasses. I have rescued greyhounds frm the track for many years and would love to buy a set. Thank you

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