Peanut Butter & Co. :Dark Chocolate Dreams

I <3 You

I <3 You

I am a lover of PB. I have always loved PB ever since I was a kid and a PB sandwich was a staple in my lunch growing up. Not PB&J because not only do I find that a gross combo (ew!) but the jelly takes away from the PB flavor too much. When I was a kid, I used to take the PB jar and a bag of pretzels and dip. I was ahead of my time. ;) I have tried other “butters” but PB is where my heart is at. I have a jar of almond butter sitting in my fridge that’s only been used twice. Sorry almond butter, you just don’t make the cut.

You know what else I like with my PB? Chocolate. I love that combination. When he was in courtin’ mode, Scott used to bring me PB eggs when he would visit me at school. A sure fire way to my heart is bringing me some chocolate and PB goodness. He scored points with that move!

Despite the fact that I have a major love affair with PB, I’ve never been interested in PB flavors or mixes. Either they had too much sugar, oils, or it didn’t appeal to me. Why would I buy a honey flavored PB when I could just add some honey to my own?

I have seen other bloggers talk about a dark chocolate PB that they have eaten but honestly, I never really paid attention to what they were saying (sorry bloggers!). It goes back to my non-interest in flavored PBs. If it was flavored I figured it was probably icky. During one of our many outings to the grocery store, I stumbled upon Peanut Butter & Co.’s Dark Chocolate Dreams.

I stopped to check it out because I was in a major chocolate craving mode (ahem) and you could have knocked me over with a feather. All natural PB! With dark chocolate! No crappy sugars, no HFCS. No junk, just straight up real stuff. I bought some right quick.

I tasted it as soon as I got it back home and fell in love. Head over heels, giddy, stupid-grin kind of love. It tasted exactly like all natural PB with some chocolate added. Which is basically the description on the jar. Not overly sweet or sugary, which was my fear. Immediately I started incorporating it in my breakfast. I first had it on some Kashi waffles, yum! But typcially I eat a spoonful of it mixed in with my morning oats, as the daily eats readers know. It’s a divine and perfect addition to my oats.

Sadly, their products are pretty limited around my area. This is one of the few flavors that are around here. I would love to try some of their other flavors out as well and see what they are like.

So if you happen to like chocolate and PB but don’t want to give up the good all natural PBs, give this a try. You just might be surprised.

14 thoughts on “Peanut Butter & Co. :Dark Chocolate Dreams

  1. I’m first! I will have to share this with Ted b/c he loves PB, but for me, it’s a taste (and a smell) that is unfortunately equivalent to shit for me :)

  2. I’ve not tried it yet because I thought it might not be sweet enough (I don’t like dark chocolate, just milk). Do you ever have PB and honey?
    I obviously have a serious tolerance for sugar!

  3. That looks really good! I COMPLETELY agree with you on the PB&J combo – my mom would ALWAYS insist I have the J – and I would throw a fit if it wasn’t the the thinnest layer possible. Good find!

  4. Erin, I had to ease myself into dark chocolate because I’m not a huge fan of it either. I found that eating it with a bit of red wine was an awesome combo! :lol: And eventually I was able to handle small bites of it alone. This PB is not too sweet. To me it tastes exactly like regular natural PB with a bit of chocolate in it. If you like natural PB you might like this. And I eat honey + PB all the time! I love that combo, probably a tad more than I love chocolate + PB.

    AlliJag, hooray! Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who doesn’t like PB&J. :D

  5. I found this in WF and I couldn’t resist…it’s so good! I put it in oatmeal in the morning and on waffles…the great thing about this is that I probably can’t eat more than a spoonful of it right out the jar…the flavor is so overwhelming!

  6. Glad you found and liked this! Ya know what’s weird. I like it, too but for some reason I’ve had this little sample I stole from mark sitting in my fridge and I’m never enticed to finish it. It was like tasting it was enough for me.

  7. Olga, I couldn’t eat more than a spoonful right out of the jar either. But as a mix-in, it’s awesome!

    HH, welcome to OHC! Thanks so much! You know, I can get that PB at my local Meijer if you can believe it. I was surprised because they don’t typically have too many fancy choices.

    Heather, it’s going to get all lonely! :p

  8. Just found your blog off foodbuzz. This sounds amazing in oatmeal. I’ve seen that they have a spicy variety of PB and have been hoping to try it, but haven’t seen it in stores yet, only online.

  9. I saw you post on Foodbuzz…I had to know more about this PB! I am a lover of PB and chocolate…and even more so dark chocolate. Will have to keep an eye out!

  10. We eat a lot of PB &(sorry) J, and we’ve eaten Peanut butter with honey too, so I guess we like the sweet stuff. I can see dark chocolate with it though, that would be delicous.

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