October 8th, 2008: Lunch and dinner

Hey guys :D I was a bit of a busy bee today but not busy enough. Ugh so much to do! I did some cooking today and got dinner prepped early, made some stuff for Rocky, and then made some stuff for this weekend.

But first there was lunch!



Today was so gloomy and rainy that it screamed for tomato soup! So I whipped up a small pot of creamy tomato soup and on the side I had a small salad with:

  • Romaine
  • Spinach
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Cranberries
  • Raisins
  • Chopped apple

All topped with a bit of balsamic vinaigrette. In the back is the rest of the apple and slice of swiss. Also a wee bowl of homemade croutons to dip in my soup! Scott had the classic grilled cheese with his soup. :D I ate all of my salad, almost all of my soup + a few croutons, the rest of the apple and did not touch the cheese. There’s even a wee bit of soup for leftovers.

After lunch is when I did all my prep work for things and that actually took me quite a while. Scott was dancing around all day because he knew what we were having for supper. Usually I keep it a surprise and he doesn’t know what we’re eating until he sees it on his plate. :p Dinner was some stuffed banana peppers.

My plate

My plate

I know you can barely see it but I swear there’s a pepper in there! The stuffing was made of:

  • Jasmine rice
  • some leftover salsa (about 1/4 cup)
  • sauteed red onion, green pepper, jalapeno pepper (in olive oil)
  • corn
  • black beans
  • and some cilantro
  • S&P, chili powder, and garlic powder

I poured that over all the peppers that I split and stuck in a casserole dish. Baked it for a bit and then topped it with cheese. It was so yummy and just had a hint of spiciness to it. The side dish was some roasted butternut squash that was drizzled with olive oil, maple syrup, and some S&P. That was awesome too!

I believe that we are hitting SF class tonight even though we have so much to do. So I better get moving and get ready. See you tomorrow guys!

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