October 31st, 2008: Lunch

Hi guys! :witchy: Doing a quick lunch post in between running around the house getting things spooktacular!



My pumpkin oats held me over so well! Those have to be the best staying power oats I’ve ever made. I didn’t even start to get hungry for lunch till about 1:30. By then though, I was starving. I cleaned the house and have made tonight’s playlist so far.

Lunch had plenty of veggies in it. There’s some leftover butternut squash, a plateful of celery, carrots, broccoli, and on the side, a slice of deli ham wrapped up with a slice of pepperjack. To give me a little extra protein. There’s also a small bowl of salsa and some of the guacamole. Some chips in the back for Scott, I had three of those. I love chips and salsa! I dipped my celery and broccoli in the salsa and the carrots into the guac which was an amazing combo. I only ate half of the ham/cheese roll.  I did not finish the plate of veggies or squash either but I was way full.  Going to try and sneak in some fruit soon.

Still plenty to do, so I gots to keep moving. :zombie:

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