October 24th, 2008: Morning

Dear Andrea,

You live in the middle of Ohio and this means that you will experience winter weather. Winter is cold. Winter has wind, snow, and maybe ice. But winter is most definitely cold. Fall, which leads into winter, is also cold. And it has wind. Wind can make things feel even colder. I don’t know why this hasn’t occurred to you before. I guess what I’m saying is,

Get some frakkin’ winter workout clothes fool!

Love and kisses,


The alarm went off and I pulled my hiney out of bed. I dressed in my running clothes and stumbled down the stairs. Fed Rocks and got him outside. Scott has a thermal lined hoodie that I wear to take Rocky on his potty breaks. It’s warm enough for the short time I’m outside. As I’m standing on the deck shining my flashlight (hey it’s dark out) on Rocky as he walks around the backyard, I start getting cold. Now, the actual temp isn’t so bad and it almost feels a little humid like it’s going to rain. What was making me cold was the wind. There was wind! And it was cold, that wind, and it was blowing right through my pants and running shirt (the hoodie wasn’t zipped).

“Um, wow, I’m not going to be warm running in this wind. Especially my neck and chin area as they have no protection.”

So I grumbled my way back inside and changed back into my jammies since I wouldn’t be able to run this morning. And now I’m cranky because I didn’t run but also because I don’t know why this never occurred to me before. Duh! Of course I’m going to need winter running gear but for some reason I thought what I had was enough. Not so much. Grrr!

So I decided on a full cup of coffee because the way to combat grumpiness is coffee, right?



And also some oats. I know I didn’t run, but I was hungry and a little cold, so a big bowl of warm oats was going to do the trick. I added a cup of vanilla soymilk today instead of 3/4 C and it made the oats so much creamier. I’m doing that from now on! My mix-ins were some chocolate Bare Naked granola and a spoonful of dark chocolate PB.



I drank most of the coffee and inhaled my oats! This made me feel loads better. Off to a good start!

And it’s Friday so let’s not dwell on the negative! Let’s think of the positive! Like it’s the weekend and hopefully we all will get to relax and do whatever or nothing at all. And I have something to give you so that’s positive!

My stuff

My stuff

I currently have pants with a little zip pocket to hold my keys but I still needed a shoe pouch because when I go to buy new pants, I don’t want to have to worry about whether or not the pants have a pocket for my keys (is that run-on?). I also bought two LED clip-on lights because all my current running gear are dark colors. Since I run in the dark, dark clothes are not a good thing. Also to be used when we walk Rocky at night because our jackets are dark. Since they clip on anything, I can stick them on Rocky’s collar too. And lastly is some reflective tape to stick on whatever I feel needs to be seen, like perhaps Rocky’s leash.

All of these items I got from Road ID. They have an awesome selection of things. So far customer service seems top-notch, and I got my package in a very timely manner. Because the Road ID people are awesome, they sent me a coupon to pass out to friends, and you can use it for online purchases. It’s a $1 off your order. If you run, walk, or exercise in the dark, definitely consider getting some reflective stuff. If you want the code, email me. You can find my email in the contact section. :D

Now guys I’m off to get some stuff done around the house! Happy Friday!

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