October 24th, 2008: Lunch

Hi all! After posting the breakfast entry, I visited some blogs quick and then I took Rocky for his walk. Just because I didn’t get my cardio in doesn’t mean he should suffer, right? Plus it still looked like it was going to rain and didn’t want to risk him not getting any exercise at all if I waited too much longer. As we were walking down the block, I thought, “Hrm, this isn’t so bad. I could probably run once I get him back home.” Then, WHOOSH! And the wind was cold and I knew that running today was not in the cards.

Once home it wasn’t long before it did start raining and I was feeling pleased with myself for getting Rocky walked before it started.

Me: Oh it’s raining now! It’s all dreary and cold.

Scott: Well at least you can just get all snuggled now and hang out.

Me: I can’t get too snuggled. We have to leave later.

Scott: Yeah.

a beat…

Scott: Where are we going again?

Me: Out to dinner with friends.

Scott: Oh. Yeah.

Me: Yeah.

:lol: It’s just that kind of day when you want to stay home in your jammies and do nothing. After that little exchange I set about cleaning the house and getting it slightly more organized. Then it was time for lunch and I was starving!

Leftover indulgence

Leftover indulgence

I felt like lunch today was very decadent and indulgent! I took the meat from 1 1/2 short ribs, added some spinach and then mixed that with the leftover horseradish cream sauce. Then I stuffed that into a WW pita! I ate half a pita, Scott got a whole pita filled with the rib goodness. On the side I heated up some shrimp bisque that I picked up at WF yesterday and that’s some cantaloupe in the middle. I ate almost all of the soup, I think it was probably 1 1/2 C? And several pieces of the cantaloupe. I loved lunch today! In fact having to talk about it and seeing the pic of it makes me want it again! :p

After lunch I did some website related things, which I’ll talk more about soon! And then it was time for me to get showered and dressed to go to dinner. Now I must get moving and feed Rocky (fishie Friday!) and then it’s out the door to a Japanese restaurant for dinner with friends. I’m debating on taking pics or not. I’ll see when we get there!

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