October 22nd, 2008: Breakfast

Morning guys! We did end up finishing the Pens game that we taped. Pens won 2-1. This was after a 5:00 minute OT period and 4 shootout attempts. Shootout wha?? I had to look that up because that did not happen back when I first started watching hockey. If there was a tie, it was just a five minute OT period with each team having 4 men on the ice (as opposed to the regular 5 guys on the ice, goalie not included in total). If no one scored it was counted as a tie. Apparently in the 2005-2006 season that rule got changed. Now it’s a shootout (player vs. goalie) to see who wins the game. Personally I think it’s dumb but I don’t make the rules so whatevs.

That put me to bed at 11pm. Grr, I was looking for an early night! The bed was all nice and toasty though thanks to the e-blanket. I love when the sheets get changed and the comforter gets washed and everything is all fresh. The bed seems fluffier and more cozy. I got myself into a little cocoon and fell fast asleep.

As I was watching TV last night I started getting more sore from Monday’s PT workout. I also noticed that the top of my right foot hurt to flex it and straighten it. It hurt just a bit to walk on as well.

This morning when I got up I was really sore, had a bit of a headache, and my foot still hurt. I decided to take some extra rest and not run.



I still got up on the early-ish side, 7:30, and headed downstairs. I fed Rocks and got him out for morning potty run. It was cold! Brrr! We had a frost warning for last night (which I don’t get. That’s the area where we live, we get frost, it’s supposed to happen. What’s with the warnings?) and there was still quite a bit of frost this morning when we were out.

I had a full mug of coffee this morning, a kashi waffle with some PB and honey, and also two ibuprofen tabs. I am, however, feeling so guilty about not running. I feel like I was being too much of a wuss and I should have just done a nice easy run instead of backing out. I’ll still get exercise in because I’m going to do some Wii Fit stuff but that’s not the same as getting in a nice run. *grumblegrumble* Ah well, live and learn right? I’m going to go change and get started on the Wii Fit. There are some new exercises that got unlocked (like boxing!) so I’m curious to see what those are like.

Then I’m going to finish up things I didn’t get done yesterday and get started on planning out my holidays. At least I hope to! See you soon!

3 thoughts on “October 22nd, 2008: Breakfast

  1. The frost warnings are for people like me who get in a zone and forget that it’s Fall as a reminder to get the rest of those goodies out of the garden (and potted blooms) before Jack Frost kills em dead as a doornail.

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