October 20th, 2008: Lunch and Dinner

Hi guys! I’m not quite sure what to call what I did at PT today. I think he called it plyometrics. But it was three different exercises in three rounds, then it got changed up. I worked arms, chest, quads, and hammies today. It was hard work but I love when we do stuff like that. Some of it will help me increase my MT fighting speed, which is always a good thing.

After PT, we hit the new store which was an Eddie Bauer warehouse store! Um, hello a ton of clothes for under 10 bucks, I’m all over that! We’re going to have to go back because we just didn’t have the time to look through things properly. Plus I didn’t want to try on too much because I had been sweaty from working out. I did try some stuff though. Couldn’t resist! I actually found a pair of jeans. They weren’t the lowrise 1-inch zipper type of jeans either, woo! There is still a gap in the back but it isn’t too large and I could wear a belt without it bunching and looking weird. Score! I also got a nice little purse and a merlot skirt that is going to look fab with some black boots. Can’t wait to go back and see what else I can find when I have more time!



By the time we got back home both of us were starving. Before I even hit the showers, I made some lunch. I heated up the leftover frittata from Sunday breakfast. I had one slice of that, a leftover sausage link, one slice of blues bread with butter, and a spoonful of hummus with carrots and green peppers. I flipped through a Real Simple mag I picked up the other day as I ate my lunch. Scott had to eat lunch at his desk. booo

After cleanup, I hit the shower and then tossed in a load of laundry to wash. By this time it was after 3pm. :o Ugh, again the day got away from me. Grrrr! Luckily we were having more leftovers for dinner, so that was one less thing I had to worry about.

My plate

My plate

I had one chicken leg, some sweet potato fries (homemade), and a wee scoop of beans. I ate everything but the beans, I only had one bite of those. Now I’m off to get ready for SF class. Hopefully my arms can take it because they are a wee sore from PT today. Tomorrow gang I am going to get stuff accomplished!

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