October 19th, 2008: Breakfast and Brunch

Hi guys! Getting up was a little rough this morning, I felt like I needed so much more sleep! I’ll have to make sure I get to bed early tonight. It was 8am when I forced myself out of bed so I did get a good bit of sleep, I just wanted more! :p

Hello CS

Hello CS

I was surprised to see frost this morning when I took Rocky out after his breakfast. Chilly! I am feeling so lazy today. Even though I was dressed for my run, I didn’t want to go. I just wanted to sit on the couch in my jammies. But I didn’t, I went out. I reminded myself how much I love Sunday morning runs and that helped get me out the door. It was chiller today but I only needed to add my hat. It wasn’t chilly enough to add an extra layer to my outfit. Now when I’m out at 7am that might change but for today I was okay.

No “sprints” today, just a nice easy pace run. When we were out the other day, we drove the route to check the distance. It turns out it was only 1.7 miles. I was hoping it was going to be 2.0. So today I added a little bit of distance to the run which should have increased it to 2.0 miles. It only took me an extra 3 minutes but it bumped my cals burned by 30. Bonus! I did that run just fine. I’m going to do that route all this week and see how I feel at the end. I may be able to try a little longer if this week goes well.

After I got home, I drank my CS and was back out with Rocky. I put on a sweatshirt for another layer and thank goodness I remembered but it is definitely a much cooler day today, even though the sun is shining.



Back home and changed out of my running clothes into recovery clothes. I almost didn’t do the Wii Fit but pulled it out and stretched. I love using it for my after-run stretches! I did about 15 minutes of that then I decided it was time to hit the couch! Breakfast was a new coffee flavor we picked up yesterday, PB cup! *squee* I had that + creamer and it was really good. Just a hint of PB flavor but a very tasty coffee on it’s own and I would have it again. The side was a small scoop of 2% Fage which I like better than the 0% Fage. It’s still tart but not quite as tart as the 0%. I mixed that with some banana nut Bare Naked granola, another new find we got yesterday. I like it but it is on the sweet side. I need to mix it with something, otherwise it’s too sweet for me to have on its own.

After breakfast I sat down to check mail and write yesterday’s post. I didn’t even get a chance to check anyone’s blog yet today! After I posted, I got up to get started on the official Sunday breakfast. As I was going into the kitchen, I met up with Scott. He had just got up and was about to have his first cup of coffee. We chit chatted as I prepped breakfast.

Sunday Breakfast

Sunday Breakfast

Salsa and eggs is a favorite flavor combination of mine. I love the creaminess of the eggs combined with the spiciness of the salsa. I decided to work with those flavors today and make a “Nacho Frittata”. It’s whisked eggs combined with some salsa in a skillet. I popped that in the oven for a few minutes so that the eggs cooked and set. Then I topped that with some crushed tortilla chips and cheddar, back in the oven just till the cheese melted. Mmmm! I had a wee slice of that plus two sausage links. In the center is a fruit salad made with green pear, banana, and red grapes. The pear was hard and gross. I ended up tossing it and it’s brother that was waiting in the fruit bowl. I think they were picked too early because I’ve had them for weeks and they have yet to soften and become fully ripe. That left me with the grapes and the bananas.

After breakfast, I cleaned up the kitchen with help from Scott, hit the shower, and now we’re heading out the door to run Part II of the errands that need to get done. The plan when I get back is to start laundry and do some cooking to get things ready for the week. See you later!

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  1. Good for you getting out this morning in the cold that would be so hard for me, this So Cal girl dosen’t do well in the cold!!! Have a great Sunday!

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