October 18th, 2008: Lunch and Dinner

Hi guys! So sorry I didn’t get this post up yesterday. By the time I was able to sit down on the couch, I was so pooped I didn’t want to do anything but lay there. :p

After MT class yesterday, we took Rocks around for a walk and then it was time to hit the showers. After showering I started making lunch.

My plate

My plate

I sauteed a Morningstar Asian patty and topped that with some pepperjack cheese. I had that open faced on a standard white bun with some romaine. In the middle is some veggies and Sabra roasted red pepper hummus (my fav!). I added some extra flavor to the hummus by mixing in some garlic powder and black pepper. I also had a 1/2 glass of vanilla Silk. This was a very satisfying and light meal. I loved it! The Asian patty was really good and I would totally buy those again. They were sweet with a little spice. What I loved about them was being able to see some of the veggies that made up the patties, like grated carrots. It’s makes me feel better when I can see what makes up the dish. After lunch was cleanup and then we were out the door to run errands.

The current situation I’m in is a bit of a bittersweet one. Since July, when I changed my (and ours) lifestyle to live a cleaner one by running and making sure I eat more fruits and veggies, I have lost some weight. In fact, I’m pretty close to the 1/2 way mark of my final goal. This means that my clothes don’t fit anymore. I actually look ridiculous because it looks like I’m swimming in my clothes. They are just way too big on me, shirts and pants both. My pants are falling off of me which is a good thing! Hooray! But that means that I need new pants. And even though I have lost a good bit of weight, I haven’t lost enough to where I’m at a point that clothes shopping is an enjoyable experience. Add on the fact that I have a booty (always have and always will) AND I have a bit of a sway back, that leads to finding pants that look good a daunting task. It leaves me frustrated because I always have a gap in the back and I have no idea how to combat that other than wearing a slightly bigger size than I need so it hangs a little looser and the gap isn’t so gigantic.

Anyway, one of the errands yesterday was to find some jeans. It did not go well. Either the jeans were those low-rise, mid-rise jeans that I cannot stand and wish would go away. Or the gap was too big in the back and looked silly on me. Now before you say belt, I don’t care for belts much. And they don’t do anything but make the gap turn into a bunch, which still sticks out and is visible under shirts. Before I actually would buy guy’s pants. They fit just a little better and didn’t leave me with a huge gap in the back. I did look at guy’s pants yesterday, but most were really heavy material and I don’t want to wear 3lbs of just pants! So I passed on those. Two stores and so many jeans I can’t count later, I left empty-handed. Boo.

The upside and the positive that I’m focusing on is I was able to put on pants that 3 months ago I wouldn’t have been able to pull up much past my knee. Now I can put them on and button them without looking like a sausage link. So that’s good, right? :D

After the clothes stores, we ran to a local “general store”. I love this store so much! It’s a family run store that has been in business for years. I call it a general store because it started off as just that, a place were you could get groceries, home supplies, and work clothes/supplies. We like to go there every so often to see what they have going on and what kinds of foods they might have. I walked away with so many nice things! I got some baking pumpkins, some spaghetti squash (finally!) and more butternut squashes. I bought some new chips and salsa, some really good looking asparagus, and red grapes. Two bottles of wine for Halloween and some other things that I can’t remember right now. After shopping there it was time to come home and relax!



I put out some munchies for us while we put the groceries away and got Rocky fed and out for a potty run. The salsa was Montezuma’s medium salsa and it was hot! Whew! Well to me it was as I am a wuss when it comes to hot and spicy stuff. The chips were some leftover tortillas from when we had Mexican last, and also some FoodShouldTasteGood Buffalo chips. It was my first time trying those chips and they weren’t bad. A little thicker and something I would eat with cheese or hummus but not salsa. I had three of those and about 5 tortilla chips and salsa.



Dinner was leftover shepherd’s pie and I asked Scott to pick a wine because I wanted to open a bottle. We haven’t opened a bottle of wine in ages because we typically have boxed wine from Target. Don’t laugh, it’s actually really good! But I just wanted to relax on the couch with a nice supper and a bottle of wine. He picked a red blend from Coppola vineyards. No pic of glasses because we were splitting the bottle. Don’t worry, we didn’t drink the whole bottle! :p It was close but there is still some left. We snuggled on the couch eating, drinking, and watching the Pens game.

Apples and PB

Apples and PB

A little while later I was a little bit hungry/munchie again. I thought about having ice cream but then realized I didn’t eat any fruit yet, so I opted for an apple and a small bowl of PB Puffins. I split this with Scott. I had most of the apple though. He loved the Puffins! That was his first tasted he and really liked them and was a bit surprised by how good they were.

After the game I went up to bed. It was about 11ish and I was worn out. Crawling in bed was a very nice feeling.

Today’s post up a little later!

2 thoughts on “October 18th, 2008: Lunch and Dinner

  1. Since I am getting more in shape I need some more fall/winter work clothes. I was hoping to be down a little more in weigh but I need stuff to wear. I too have a booty and it is not going anywhere and I have the “gap” drives me nuts. I can’t find clothes to fit. Plus being short (5’2″) pants are either really long or too short. Petite stuff is too short on me. This is why I don’t like to shop.

  2. Heather says:

    I have the gap in my waistbands problem too and I have yet been able to solve it with anything other than elastic. Not elastic all the way around tho – ewww. Just on parts of the waistband. It may sound too grandma-ish but the belt hides it and at least my waistband isn’t gapping all over. I don’t where the hell people shop for clothes I really don’t. We can’t be the only ones with that problem.

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