October 13th, 2008: Morning

Morning guys! Seeing it’s the 13th and wishing it were a Friday. Not only because I love the weekends but a Friday the 13th in October is very cool, makes the spooky month even spookier! :ghost: :zombie:

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian buds! May your day be filled with awesome food, drinks, and desserts! :D



I went to bed at 11pm last night and got up at 8am this morning. I almost feel like I’ve had too much sleep. Not enough to cause a sleep hangover (I hate those!) but enough that I feel off.

OHC HQ needs to replenish our banana supply STAT, we only have two left! Which caused me to leave out the sliced banana in my breakfast this morning. I had 1/3 cup plus a little bit more of homemade granola and 4 scoops of yogurt. And my coffee + creamer on the side. The coffee tasted funny or I just wasn’t in the mood for it this morning so I probably only had half. And all of my breakfast because it tasted really good.

Lots planned for today and that includes getting my butt over to PT, which I must do now. Hope this Monday finds you well! See you later guys!

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