September 9th, 2008: Dinner

Hey guys! Scott’s doing the trash so I decided to knock out this post quick before I head upstairs to read. :D There’s no lunchtime pictures. Boo! My camera battery was charging at the time, so you’ll have to just imagine it. I had a fried egg (cooked with just nonstick spray) on health nut bread and topped with a slice of colby jack cheese, and some green peppers and red onion I sauteed in a bit of olive oil. On the side Scott and I split 2 1/2 peaches. I needed to get those used up as some had already gone bad. Keeping fruit fresh is such a challenge sometimes.

After lunch I did some stuff around the house and then I started painting our bedside tables. I’ll post pics of those when they are done. They need a couple more coats first.

Blueberry mini wheats

Blueberry mini wheats

Before getting ready for MT, I had a small bowl of blueberry mini wheats. I love this cereal! I have one more box left then I’m going to give it a rest and see if I like the Kashi brand any better. We had a really small class tonight; for some reason everybody seemed to have attended the earlier class. We did some really cool combinations off of kicks and knees. Since it was a small class and the weather was cool, class wasn’t quite as sweaty.

After class, we came home and ran Rocky out for a quick evening walk. I had to put on a sweatshirt! Once back home I started heating up supper so it could simmer while we showered.

Chili for a chilly night

Chili for a chilly night

I pulled some leftover chili out of the freezer for dinner. It was the perfect thing for such a cool Fallish night. Our chili is topped with a bit of shredded cheddar. I had three tortilla chips dipped into my chili and then I realized I would rather have some bread and butter. I had one roll with just a bit of butter on each side.

Now it’s time for me to head up to bed and read for a bit. I don’t know how it’s going to go since the bedstands are in the basement waiting for another coat of paint. I guess I’ll have to get creative with the lighting. ;)

See you tomorrow morning!

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