September 2nd, 2008: Lunch

Meet Gracie!

Meet Gracie!

What? Doesn’t everyone name their appliances? So far her and I are getting along famously, aside from her one back burner that seems to not want to light right away. Moody she can be. Gracie has five burners, the center one designed specifically for griddles and grill pans. The burners are gas while the oven is electric. She can do both normal and convection baking/roasting. I just pick which I want with the touch pad. Her little bottom section there is actually another oven and can heat up to 450 degrees. Very handy for keeping things warm or if I just want to heat up something small and quickly. The old oven would take about 15-20 minutes to heat up to 400, Gracie takes about five. Oh, we’ll have a good time this Fall/Winter. Hope she can keep up!

I was super starving for some veggies today. I made us Amy’s American Veggie Burgers. If I am eating prepackaged veggie burgers, Amy’s brand is my favorite. Boca is okay and I don’t care for Morningstar at all.



I also had some cut up raw veggies: cucumbers, green peppers, and baby carrots. Plus the last of the watermelon and cantaloupe on the side. I ate most of the veggies (at least I think I had more than Scott but I wasn’t keeping track), some of the watermelon, and left about a quarter of my burger uneaten. Plus the daily vitamins. Burger was on a bun with lettuce, a slice of cheddar, and about 1.5tsp of Kraft Mayo made with Olive Oil. Anyone else use that?

In case anyone is wondering why all our meals seem to take place at home, is because they do! Both Scott and I work from home and he typically eats lunch with me unless he has a deadline or something. Breakfast I eat alone because I’m up before him in the mornings. He’s a sleepy head. I very much want to buy a bike and am trying to convince him that after my runs, we can go for bike rides. So far he doesn’t seem convinced this will be a good idea. ;)

See you tonight!

4 thoughts on “September 2nd, 2008: Lunch

  1. Heather says:

    Kraft Mayo with Olive Oil? Does it come like that or do you add the olive oil? I haven’t looked in the salad dressing aisle, in like forever so I don’t know if we have that here or not.

    I need to start reading the whole post before I add a comment.

    Love your stove! I really like the middle burner. What a great idea!

  2. Yup, it’s already in the mayo! Olive oil is used instead of regular veggie oil and the result is that the mayo is lower in fats. I like it a lot and it tastes just like regular mayo. My only concern is, is it as healthy as they claim?

    And thanks! I can’t wait to try it for t-day!

  3. Heather says:

    Well Olive oil is better for you than other oil so it would be better than regular mayo. I’ll have to see if we have that here.

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