September 1st, 2008; Nite Time

Ha! I totally did sneak some fruit in the afternoon. I needed it!

That didn’t hold me over very long though. It was getting close to supper time so I pulled out some chips and dilly dip that I made for the holiday weekend.

I had about 15 chips with some dip on each one. I was talking with Scott trying to come up with something for dinner. We were going back and forth, so I decided to make some quick small salads to tide us over. I also didn’t want to just stand around eating chips and dip, this was my solution.

My salad was the one in the green plate. It had romaine, spinach, chopped cucs, mild banana peppers, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and 6 crutons. Plus 1 tablespoon of ranch dressing.

I didn’t really feel like getting too involved with cooking. We had spent all day doing webstuff which is also what we did all day yesterday. Even though we were sitting on the couch together collaborating on the site, it wasn’t quality time. Since the site is up and running, I wanted to spend more time together and less time doing other things. I decided on making some fries for me and Scott had leftover pizza that I pulled from the freezer. I also had four ounces of red wine with the fries.

I cooked the fries using the new convection oven feature on my new range. I probably should have cooked them a bit longer at a higher temp but they still turned out yummy! I also had another 4 ounces of red wine after “dinner”. Scott and I are currently playing some Resistance: Fall of Man. It’s just okay. I like Gears of War much better!

I’m bummed that the holiday weekend is over because I didn’t get much hermit time. However I’m glad because that means it’s back to a normal schedule. I already pulled out my workout clothes and have them ready to go for tomorrow’s run. I’m off to snuggle some more and hit the hay.

See you in the morning!

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