Grey Poupon Hearty Spicy Brown Mustard

New Favorite

New Favorite

I am not mustard’s biggest fan. There are occasions where I need mustard as a side to something, such as kielbasa or other types of sausages. And there are occasions where I need mustard as an ingredient to something, such as salad dressing. But mustard is typically not something I reach for first for sandwiches or as a topping to burgers. I am a mayo girl.

However, Scott is a mustard kind of guy. He goes for mustard first on sandwiches or to dip a bite of lunchmeat into. Because of this, mustards have become something that I pay closer attention to. Yes, my husband will gladly accept regular yellow mustard on his sandwiches, but sometimes I like to spice things up for him and make things a little more interesting. As a result I have started liking mustard more and more.

Exploring different types of mustards, I have learned that I personally enjoy a spicier grainy mustard as opposed to a smooth mustard for sandwiches and as a dip for sausages. I really like a good honey mustard for chicken. One that is thick and creamy that hits you with sweetness first and spiciness last. Mustard, something I never though I would enjoy, I now actively seek out. Thanks, Scott!

During a shopping trip, as I was perusing the mustard aisle, I stumbled across this mustard. I am not a huge fan of dijon mustard. I can only eat it if it is an ingredient in something; I cannot eat it as a dipping sauce or on a sandwich. The taste is just not very palatable to me. I much prefer the more grainy country dijon mustard when I can find it. However, this mustard looked interesting to me. Spicy brown mustard is right up my alley. I tossed it in the cart and went about my business.

I used it in my first dish and fell in love immediately. This mustard has it all! It is thick and a little bit grainy. It has a nice spice kick to it and has little bits of onion all through it. I stocked up on it the next time I went to the grocery store. When I ran out, I went back for more and to my horror the store was out of it! I silently pitched a fit and kept going back to check if the stock had been replenished.

Now when I shop, I buy two to three jars at a time. I will not be caught without it ever again. If you like mustards give this one a try and let me know your thoughts. If I post a recipe that calls for mustard, it’s this mustard that I’m using. My very favorite mustard ever.

11 thoughts on “Grey Poupon Hearty Spicy Brown Mustard

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! Keep at the running. I’m a very, very slow runner so I know exactly what you’re dealing with. My goal is to be able to run 5 miles comfortably – some day!

    As for mustard, I’m not really a fan, but I may have to pick this up to use in some sauces and such. Are there any animal ingredients on the label?

  2. Hey Shawna, welcome to OHC! As far as I know this mustard does not have any animal products in it. You can check out the ingredients here

    Oh definitely sticking with the running. I eventually want to get up to running 6 miles but sometimes I think that’s soooo far away. :p

  3. I haven’t seen that one, but it might be worth trying as we both like spicy mustard. We have a few, depending on what it’s going with but our favorite for brats is jalapeno mustard. Yummy!

  4. Heather, you are welcome! :D

    Becky! Welcome back home! I have never seen jalapeno mustard and now I am totally intrigued. I will have to search for it next time I’m out.

  5. Heather says:

    Ha who knew you knew two Heathers! ;)

    I’m sort of a mustard fan and not really. I just use the regular flaming bright yellow mustard. LOL But I really like it.

    I’m not crazy of the dijon taste (although it’s good in dressings and so on) . But honey mustard is definitely a num. I just realized I really need more mustard. I have 4 types of relishes but just one mustard. I LOVE relish. :)

  6. Oh wow! I’m so excited to look for this. I love a grainy dijon. I didn’t start to enjoy mustard until my mid-twenties and now I’m a fiend! Aren’t we weird?

  7. HEY THERE! I’m so happy that you commented on Erin’s blog, and that I saw it, too, because it led me to yours! So fabu :) I adore it and feel like it’s this little treasure box that I’ve come across in my travels! hehe (dork.)

    I’m really SO excited to continue reading! Love finding new blogs, bc then I can spend time reading through the blog history and old posts, too! <3 it! xoxo

  8. Erin, welcome to OHC! And you are welcome. :D I had to stop myself because I could have watched those clips all day long!

    Hey Julz! Welcome to OHC! I’m pretty new so you should get through my history quickly. :D

    Thanks for stopping by guys!

  9. I never really cared for mustard until the coarser, meatier mustards became available. There’s just something about that toxic yellow glop we grew up with that still makes me want to cringe. I’ll have to see if I still have my recipe for mustard crusted pork tenderloin and send it to you.

  10. Phyllis says:

    So now that they have discontinued our favorite mustard, what have you found to replace it? I have found nothing close yet!

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