What does OHC eat anyway?

Welcome to OHC Daily Eats! This is the section of the blog where I post what I eat for every meal. Every day. Or at least, I am going to try very hard and post on the weekends too. Typically I stray from the computer during that time. The idea behind it is to help me track and monitor what I eat. I’m a visual person and I need to see something in order for it to register in my brain (recipes with no accompanying pictures make me want to rip out my hair). Taking pictures and recording what it is that I’m eating will help me better understand how I’m taking care of myself.

And yes, you will see chips, wine, or some other type of what society calls, “naughty foods”, as well. My philosophy for my diet is moderation and balance. I do not cut things out of my diet. If I were to say that I will never eat Doritos again, I feel that would set me up for failure. Instead my schedule is that I eat healthy throughout the week and then if I want Doritos, I can have some on the weekend. I’m not an impulse eater and I am not tempted by things. Having Doritos sitting in my pantry is no big deal. I know I can’t have them till the weekend, so I don’t.

Now, OHC weekends start on Thursday. So don’t be shocked when there are pictures of wine and cheese (or Doritos!) starting Thursdays. Typically Thursdays were the “late work day” at the OHC Home Office. Because we would work until 7 or 8pm, we figured it was pretty much the weekend anyway and we were pooped, so let’s relax a bit. Things have changed (because we have Muay Thai now on Thursday evenings) so while we aren’t working as late anymore, it’s still the end of the week and it’s been a long week. Trust me, if you were coming home at the end of the week from a hard Muay Thai conditioning class, you’d want to relax too!

Does this mean I am perfect all of the time? Hell no. I’m a woman, and that means there are some days (weeks) when the PMS monster rears it’s nasty head and I have no choice but to submit. I have to have a french fry or some other salty goodness before I hurt someone. Sometimes this means I dip some chips in pickle juice. Oh yes my friends, my PMS monster likes to mix things up a bit! And such is life. I’m only human.

The blogsphere never ceases to amaze me. There are communities for everything you can think of and then some. I never knew about food blogs, can you believe this? For whatever reason it just never entered my mind to look for one and I never even came across one. As I was putting this site together, it occurred to me that there has to be others out there who have food blogs and post recipes (duh!). So I started looking around. I was inspired to do The Daily Eats section by one of my favorite blogs, Kath Eats Real Food. I don’t even remember how I stumbled across her blog, but I loved it! The voyeur in me loves taking a peek into other’s lives to see what they are up to. Especially when it involves food. I love knowing what people are eating. It helps me gather new ideas for cooking, and I can also learn about other kinds of foods and how to prepare them. Through her blog I found some others where people document what they are eating. I became completely addicted to the concept and decided that it would be a good addition to my food blog. So here we are! OHC Daily Eats. I don’t know if it will interest you, but maybe there’s more people like me out there who enjoy seeing what other people are munching on. Some of the food stuffs (probably most) will get posted on the recipe section. If you see something that interests you, be patient, it will most likely be posted soon.

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