Running Check-In Week 1

Running OutfitTotal throwback picture.  A pic of me from 2008 when I started running for the first time and it was winter in Ohio.

This was my lame ass outfit that I wore, ill-fitting fleece from head to toe.

Things have changed and now I wear proper running clothes.  I do still have and wear that hat though! It’s the best running hat because it covers my ears without riding up.

Currently it’s Day 8 and I’ve had 5 proper runs so far this year.  Three rest days, two unintentional ones but shit happens so I’m not going to stress over that.

My knees are a little achy during the run but that’s what happens when you’re carrying around extra weight.  I’m slowly getting used to the elevation and my breathing is getting much better.

Today I ran the farthest before needing to stop for a walk break so I’m counting that as great progress.  I think I’ll be able to run a full mile soon without stopping.

The plan is that I will not be increasing mileage until I can run the current distance without stopping to walk.  Once I can run a mile without stopping, and do that consistently, then I’ll bump up to a mile and a half, and so on from there.

For motivation, I reread a post I wrote back in 2009 about running.  I needed that.  I will be a runner again, it’s just going to take me a little longer than expected.

How are you doing with your 2014 fitness goals?


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    This reminded me of my first ever race. It was a 5k and I wore cotton shirt and tights and sneakers. :) No one told me the right kind to wear. LOL! I learned a lot as my passion for running grew. :)
    Happy running! :)

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