January 25th, 2009: Breakfast and Lunch

Hi guys!  As I’m typing this it’s currently snowing (again) outside.  It is coming in like a whirlwind too!  It’s only been snowing for about an hour and a half and we already have over 2 inches of snow.  Oh my!

I had a glorious 9 hour sleep.  mmm  Just what I needed.  Rocky got me up at 7:30 this morning and it was chilly out!  I checked the weather and it said current temp was 9F RealFeel 13F.  I got Rocky taken care of and then plopped down with some breakfast.



2% Fage with some homemade chocolate granola and some cranberries.  Plus morning coffee which was peppermint!  Whee!  I literally inhaled breakfast because I wanted to get started on my run!

Oh it was so nice to be out and running.  I feel like Friday’s crap run was ages ago and I was ready to strut my stuff.  I thought about doing some speed work but changed my mind.  I just wanted to be outside enjoying the weather and the feel of stretching my legs.  I did the 4.5 mile loop and headed home.

love you

love you

I had some CS and then hit the floor for some yoga.  Perfect.  I changed into some recovery clothes and sat on the couch with the heated throw on.  Oh I love heated throws, so nice and toasty!  I posted a recipe and by then Scott was up.  I showered and got dressed for the day.  When I was done, Scott told me it was snowing and was coming down at a pretty good clip.  He wasn’t kidding, everything was covered!

No Sunday Breakfast today since we had breakfast yesterday.  I decided this was perfect soup weather!



I heated up a can of Amy’s tomato soup plus I added 5oz of spicy V8 to give it a little more volume.  On the side I had a grilled cheese via an Italian Flatout!  I put a little bit of butter on the Flatout and laid down some cheddar, spinach, and then a slice of swiss.  Give me cheesy goodness!  And heated it up in a skillet.  It was awesome!  The Flatout got all crispy and with the melted cheese it was perfect for dipping into the tomato soup.

After lunch, I prepped some chicken breasts for dinner later and cleaned up the kitchen.  Now I’m off to hang with Scott for the rest of the day!  No idea what we’ll get into yet.


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