Giveaway: Win Laundry Detergent

Win Laundry Detergent

Workout clothes get stanky.  There’s no getting around that.  Whether you’re hiking, biking, running, or whatever, your clothes are going to smell.  My workout gear gets gross.  I sweat in places that no one wants to talk about.  So my gear after one use smells gross.  I’ve tried so many things to get them clean and nothing has worked.  Even DIY soaps and methods that are guaranteed to get the stank out, do not work.  Oh sure the gear comes out of the laundry OK but there’s still always that faint workout smell in the background.

I’ve been wanting to try Win detergent for ages and I finally got a chance!  Win sent me the detergent to test out and I can share the love!  Win will be giving away detergent to a lucky reader as well!

Win recently came out with a dye free and fragrance free version as well.  They have also revamped their packaging, making the bottles bigger but have not increased the price.  Still the same price but now for almost 50% more detergent for your money.

Personally I prefer the dye and fragrance free version but the original isn’t bad!  The scent isn’t overpowering but pleasant and even perfect for the fellas who want to get their gear clean.

The detergent worked great at getting my workout clothes clean and smelling fresh!

Win Laundry Detergent


Do you have stanky workout gear? Of course you do!  Now is your chance to try out some Win!  Lots of ways to enter this giveaway which runs from Today until Sunday.  I will be picking a winner on Sunday so please make sure to use a legit email address so that I can contact you.

Win is also offering up $1 off the purchase of a bottle of detergent with the coupon code WINGIVE1.  Just plop that in during checkout!

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Disclaimer: I was contacted by Win and Sweat Pink to offer this giveaway. I was not compensated for this post.


Creating A Thanksgiving Week Schedule

Thanksgiving 2011

I fully intended on creating a lovely Thanksgiving Schedule in PDF format. One that was easily printable and you could hang it up on the fridge to have on hand.  Well best laid plans and all that.  I tried designing a nice schedule and nothing was working out the way it needed to.  So many days and beers later, here we are.

I am still sharing a schedule with you to give you an idea of how you can plan out Thanksgiving week, it just won’t be all kinds of infographic pretty.  I know that you have also tried to design something using a “user friendly” design program and so I know you can relate to how frustrating those programs can be.

All that said, it’s Thanksgiving week so let’s get in the kitchen and get cooking!  When creating a schedule always think about things that can be prepped ahead and how far ahead they can be prepped.  Veggies can be chopped up early in the week and the pie and rolls can be made early on as well.

Here’s a sample schedule (which is actually my schedule for this week!) to give you an idea of how to plan out the week.



  • Finish any last minute grocery shopping.
  • Put turkey in fridge to start thawing.
  • Make stock.


  • Prep and chop any veggies that you will be using (carrots, celery, onions, green beans, collards, etc).
  • Make rolls (if you are making rolls).



  • Prep turkey and get it in the oven.
  • Have a drink.
  • Reheat the collards in the slow cooker.
  • Have a drink.
  • Cook and mash the potatoes.
  • Have a drink.
  • Warm up the rolls (if you made them).
  • Have a drink.
  • Make gravy.
  • Have a drink.
  • When the turkey is cooked and resting, heat up stuffing and green bean casserole.
  • Have a drink.
  • Serve pie after dinner.
  • Have a drink.



Wednesday is a big cooking day when you’ll be doing the most prepping.  Thursday will be a lot more relaxed because most of the work is already done.  All you’ll have to do is cook the turkey, make mashed potatoes, and make gravy.  Everything else is done and will just need to be reheated!

This schedule is just to give you an idea of how you can prep and plan ahead so you aren’t making everything on Thursday.  Time in the kitchen is spaced out over the week which means you’ll be more relaxed on the big day and can enjoy it more!  It’s a guideline and you can adjust it to include the menu items that you’ll be making.

I’ve already got Monday knocked out including last minute shopping!  I headed out early today and the stores weren’t too bad.  Though Whole Foods was starting to get crazy as I was leaving.  I’ve got stock going in the crockpot and the turkey is in the fridge!

Now go and knock out this week like a pro!


Thanksgiving Planning: Get Those Dishes In Order

Thanksgiving Dinner

Because there is so much prepping and food involved with Thanksgiving, people tend to overlook what items they will need to actually cook and serve the food they plan on making.

With Thanksgiving being a week away, take this time to figure out what you will be using and to plan where it will go.

Sound odd? Let me explain it a bit, this is the point where you want to decide on which baking dish the stuffing is going in, which bowl the mashed potatoes will be served in, etc.  This is especially important for dishes that need to be heated up in the oven.  Once you’ve decided on the dishes, you can play around with placement in the oven and figuring out cooking times.

What goes where in the oven and when does it go in?  For example, stuffing takes longer to cook through than green bean casserole so you’d want that to go in first.  And you will want to make sure the items that do need heated up can share space and all fit in the oven.

Once you have the baking and cookware items picked and you know they will all fit in the oven when they need to, it’s time to move on to the table.  Whether you’re doing a buffet style set up or a big sit down to-do, you need to make sure all the food items will fit on the table.

Pick out what serving dishes you’d like to use for the big day and start arranging them on the table.  Trust me, it’s a lot easier to figure this out when the dishes are empty instead of trying to do it the day of when they are full of hot food and surrounded by hungry guests!

I know, this sounds like a lot of work.  But by tackling these little details before Thanksgiving, it makes the big day run so much smoother eliminating a lot of stress. Once you have the casserole dishes picked out and the serving bowls decided on, you can set those aside so they are ready to go when you need them.

Make a list of what kitchen items you’ll need and then go through that check list and pull all of those items out setting them aside.  Checking items off the list can be done the night before.  When it comes time to start cooking, you’ll have everything ready to grab and go.

Don’t forget that many things can be made the day before so that this will save you even more time on Thanksgiving Day allowing you to spend more time with your family and further reducing some stress.

Things like a roux for gravy or even the gravy can be made the day before.  So can the stuffing and green bean casserole (wait until you heat it up to add the crispy onions).

I’ll be providing you with an example schedule on getting you through the week of Thanksgiving!  Shopping days, when items can get prepped, and what things can get made ahead so keep an eye out for that!

In the meantime, start getting those dishes picked out!


Review: President Sea Salt Butter

President Sea Salt Butter

President Butter recently contacted me and asked if I would be interested in reviewing their butter.  President butter is made in Normandy France from the cultured cream of  grassfed cows (The press release stated).  Since I love grassfed butter and it’s the only butter I will eat, I was curious to give this a try.  I’m always looking to expand my butter palate!

They sent me a few different styles to sample but the one that I enjoyed the most was the Sea Salt Butter.  It’s a softer butter making it easier to spread when at room temperature but the unique part is that it has ribbons of sea salt mixed throughout.  You can even see the salt lining the rim of the container.

I’m not a huge fan of salt in butter, but this butter stands out with a balance of creaminess with a salty bite.  It goes great with bread and would be amazing on a baked potato, cornbread, or fresh biscuit.  This butter actually enhances the food that is paired with it.

The Sea Salt butter comes in a fancy little container that would not look out of place on a table at your dinner party.

This would make a great addition to your holiday table this season.  Place this butter on a pretty plate and it will be the star of your holiday spread.

If you’re looking for something unique this holiday season to serve at your parties, definitely give this one a try!

Disclaimer: I was sent this butter for review and was not obligated to post about it.  Opinions are my own and I was not compensated for this post.



Brine, Glorious Brine

Bourbon Brined Turkey

A brined turkey is a glorious thing!  It seems daunting but it’s actually very simple to do.  Yeah you’ll need some special equipment and figure out spacing in the fridge but it’s totally worth it!

For a basic brine you will need:

  • Kosher Salt
  • Brown Sugar
  • Water
  • A large bucket

You can purchase a 5 gallon bucket at any home improvement store and they are not in any way expensive. I promise they are budget friendly!  Clean it with dish soap and hot water and then label it as a “food bucket” that way you won’t be tempted to use it for something else and contaminate it.

You’ll need to be able to fit the bucket in your fridge for 24 hours.  If you live in an area where it’s super cold outside (under 20 degrees F) you can keep it outside.  Just remember to keep it safe so no animals are tempted to eat your Thanksgiving bird!

If you don’t have room in your fridge to fit a 5 gallon bucket (I currently do not) and your heart isn’t set on roasting a whole turkey, you can break the turkey down and brine the breast and legs in separate containers.  That leaves the back and wings leftover and they are perfect for making stock!  Most likely that is what I’ll be doing this year.

I love brining so much that I have already written several articles sharing tips that I’ve learned over the years.  Here’s a couple to get you started!

Brining A Whole Turkey (a how to)

Tips on Brining (Including seasonings and liquids you can use in a brine)

Bourbon Brined Turkey because holidays should always include booze.

So don’t be scared, give that turkey a good brine bath this year!